Beyond – poem

Les Alpilles, a mountain landscape near Saint-Remy by Van Gogh


There is a life

beyond these walls

a world

a song

a light, so bright

it will blind us all

with one glace

but we hide

in the darkness

of mundane

hoping for change

wishing for it

but never wanting to

break the smallest sweat

There is a life beyond this one

& it waits in the city

& it waits in the pastures

& it waits in the gutter

on the side of the road

choices – all of them

even the ones

we pretend we never

really had to make

they cry out in the night

and in the day

all hours

if only we would

stop & listen

out there

& it is not defined

by the shadow we

refuse to release

or the melodies that

illuminate favorite moments

it is pure

it is true

it is the person you forgot

you were always meant

to be

harmoniously, you

in all the glitter

and gold

there is


There is a life

beyond this one

waiting, patiently

like you never knew

someone could wait

because it wants you

it wants you there

so let go of the anchors

& swim into

the abyss

Always remember

that every moment is life

when you are grateful

you are free




Don’t get pulled under

Don’t fall back

Don’t get tripped up

In the nest laid out

Intended to snag you

Don’t stop moving

Don’t think of any of it

Don’t wait & wait & wait

For whatever told you to wait

            It’s not coming back

& don’t look at me like that

don’t look at anything

don’t breath


because you can’t

            & you won’t

            & I told you so

Because I knew

            & I said it

            & you didn’t listen

You never do

Don’t be surprised

Don’t act like you didn’t know

Don’t be so serious

            We all die in the end

Don’t laugh so much

Don’t cry too often

Don’t get pulled under

            It’s all a mess




Just don’t

Study of Marigolds

It’s all a bit of mayhem
Craziness wrapped in cellophane,
Crispy and see through
And we run around in circles, lost
Confused by what has happened
And what hasn’t happened at all
Then we wait for someone to guide us
What else it there to do?
The absurdity is just
We are just, aren’t we?
I am just, when I can be
And the world spins on
Befuddled, bemused, demoralized
Music swells
Everyone dances,
But the jagged coughs make my chest burn
How did we get here
Dizzied and confused
Fingers digging into the dirt
Grasping for the earth
As it spins us, like a rotor
Pasted to the wall,
The floor falls out from under our feet
We hang, groundless
Helplessly waiting for the something
The one thing, that should rescue us
From calamity and woes
Never realizing we have our own capes
We are our own heroes
Rise above the fraudulent imagery
Move past the intricately placed words
And we find, life
Spun into the duality of a cocoon
Warm and comforting
Hot and suffocating
Choices woven into the silken threads
We over look for we think should be
The something that never was
Rest, or panic
Meditate, or run
Stand alone, but stand strong
As you look to them, they look to you
The earth will spin, and they will dance
And the burning will fade with time
Is it real, or is it a dream?
It’s before you, for you to decide
What will become of what was
And what will never be at all?
Inside the mayhem are the marigolds
Puffs of beauty and color
And in their simplicity, the answers lie
But you  must sit and listen to the nothing
For as long as it my take
Minutes, hours, years
And then the answers will appear
Put on your blinders, then you will see





It’s all a game, isn’t it… this life we have.

Waking up, running until we drop; taking a moment here and there, wondering how we got this old;

How this became the life we have.

Not that it’s a bad life.

It’s not.

But repetition can agitated even the quietest souls.

I look out the window and see this big old world,

And my heart is still so very young and I want, and I want, and I want,

All the dreams I’ve always wanted.

Let it begin – my mind screams,

Let it all begin, and let the world swirl around my feet,

Lifting my hair, a tornado above my head – a human bullet.

But my feet are firmly planted,

And I keep moving forward, following this stream I chose a while back,

Hoping it is the right one, knowing I should doubt myself less.

Seriously, it’s annoying.

The doubting doubters and the negative thought process.

There’s a band name for you.

Life keeps coming, and moving, and passing by;

And I watch people fade into memory.

Time almost forgotten, save for a few laughs that look more like a movie clip, than my past.

So, this is this life.

The world I now live.

Knowing, it will also pass by, pushing me to the next level of the game.

Life, with it’s beauty and disease – hopes and fears.

Life, with it’s music and it’s words.

Life – and we dance.

Around the stagnation;

Past, and over the potholes;

Under everything else, as we play, and play, and play some more.

Frustration lost in the lyrical movements of time.

Time, that eases the fingers of doubt free.

Freedom that brings the perspective we need to get past ourselves.

We set the traps subconsciously.

Shuffle, ball, change.

Hoping we won’t trip, and if we do, that we will get back up and keep going.

Because that’s what is all is, what it means, what we need to do –

Keep moving

Because death isn’t when we die – we die when we stop playing.

Leaving us to sit in perdition,

With a goose egg, when all we really ever wanted,

Was 1-up.




thought process


To over think
every thought
would be a waste of time
yet here I am
about everything
so much
it swirls
and around
and around
pulling me past
Most certainly lost
in the sea disdain
a lack of trust
and the lack of
for myself
with myself
a butterfly effect
chaos at
its best
as the pretty pictures
storm the gate
leaving me
a pile of wreckage.



be that as it may
I would still like a
a recheck
a redo
I would like
a moment
of peace
of quiet
I would love
to sleep
for hours
as the fan spins
and spins
and the child sings
be that as it may
it would be nice
a moment
flowing on
floating by
it would be nice
a sunset
blue and pink
purple and gold
I would love
to trip
into something
and twirl around
and around
and around
and around
till the sun blurred yellow
and the ground green and brown
because truth isn’t always true
and right isn’t always just
and be that as it may
I’d rather
what’s left

definition of man


They are special
those inconsistencies
how they change everything
how they change nothing
how life keeps going
how they stand out
It’s all a matter of perspective
subjective like most things
to some, they annoy
to others, they’re cherished
but they are special
they are specifically
they are exact
in the definition

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