Passion and imaginary friends

Life can be interesting out there, but it really is so much more interesting inside my head. The places, the battles, the people and their baggage – a world of my very own where what I say goes, and what isn’t fun about that? It’s a vacation to a far off land or a new world never before seen with all the right/wrong things and all the best/worst people. Ah, writing is the breath in my lungs.

I sit, on days, for hours, pouring over the oddest little things until I find a source that never seems to leave me. The people, especially, haunt me at the oddest times. There are moments when I’m at the market and I see a piece of fruit that makes me think of one character, or maybe I’m people watching and I see another walk by. These characters, these people, burrow into my brain and my being until they are my newest best friends that I can not live without.

Has this happened to you? Passion for all your make-believe friends?

Alas, maybe it IS just me, but I’m okay with that, because never a moment will there be that I am all alone. Never a moment will there be that I can not fly to another world with them. Yes, that’s why the world inside my head is so wonderful, because of the passion, because of the drive and because of the dragons.

Seriously. They’re the bomb.


4 thoughts on “Passion and imaginary friends

  1. I can so relate Aryn. Some days I actually want to move my bed into my head so I can stay there permanently. Coming to the end of writing a book is one of the saddest things I’ve ever done because of having to say good-bye! #writersareatadcrazy

    • So true! This is the very reason series happen. You get so darn attached, you have no other choice but to write up a new story. 🙂

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