Freedom and writers block…

Calvin and Hobbes


This week is my child’s first week of school. He is officially in kindergarten and I officially have time to write! And guess what? I CAN’T DO IT!!

It’s like my brain has been frozen by some klingon-esk ray gun that has fixed it in place so firmly words have ceased to exist. How cruel is that? Very. Very, very cruel. It is so cruel I would like to bounce the old noggin off the wall a few times to see if anything rattles loose. (Honestly, I won’t do that. I have a low pain threshold.)

So how does one deal with writers block? This is something new for me. Most days I’m like a well stocked waterfall, words pour out of me in one form or another.  I know that answer is simple, I need to wait and acclimate myself to this new life unfolding in front of me – but I’m about as patient as a kid in a Christmas checkout line. I want my toy, and I want my toy now.

Damn you words! How can you forsaken me when we have planed this rendezvous for so long? You have left me with nothing but half ass metaphors and a migraine… And with that – I’m going to nap.




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