Why I Write


Ah, the life of an inspiring writer… You wake, you write, you eat, you write, you sleep, you write – sometimes you sleep write. This is not recommended… personally, I’m a terrible speller and it’s really hard to use the dictionary when I’m asleep.

I sit and think about what I’m writing, and what I should blog about. One day I will post an excerpt from my book – I’m only holding off because I need to revamp the opening, and I haven’t had a chance because I’m writing a serialized story that I hope to post on here starting late next month. <- I typed the end of that sentence withΒ a high pitch valley girl voice over in my head.

Honestly, everything I write has a voice over in my head. I feel like Doogie Howser – music and all.

Voice over aside, I’m very excited to post actual work of mine online that is something other than poetry. This is my way of coping. Coping with what? The stress of writing, and writing, and writing, and feeling like you’re just chasing your own tail and no one even notices your even in the room.

Three years ago when I committed to this goal to become an honest to god Author with a real live agent and a publishing contract there was a group of other aspiring writers I hung with. These days the people from that group have gotten their deals and moved on, or stopped writing all together.

Anymore I feel like the Little Engine that Could, but have yet to realize I’m filling in for the Orient Express and have been snowed in for a while now.


Very cup empty and questioning why you have a cup at all.

But here I am, and here you are – reading this. That’s what hope looks like.

I’ve given up on things before. I was in a band (or 3) and I walked away. I used to manage retail stores, but it wasn’t for me so I moved on. Even people – as crass as that sounds, but I feel everything has a life-cycle. Butterflies, creative outlets, even friendships – but I can’t let this one go. I’ve tried. I announced it to an entire diner one night, “I WILL WRITE NO MORE! DAMN THE WRITING!” Blah… I can’t.

So until I reach my dream – because I will (mark my words) – I will be on here, hopefully, entertaining you! Keep an eye out for my story! I’d tell you about it, but I really want it to be a surprise. The most I’ll say is that its Science Fiction. (~giddy dance~)

Remember all you aspiring writers – you’re not alone. Don’t give up simply because it’s hard. If it were easy you’d probably get lazy and then write crap – and the last thing we need is more crap. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Go engine, go! Thanks for the inspiration this morning, Aryn. I’ve been in that same snow storm–it must be covering the entire Continental United States! πŸ™‚ I’ve been so busy with school that there were days I didn’t have the time to write, but the dust is starting to settle now (thank god!!). I’m starting to get back into my nightly writing routine and honestly, I felt adrift at sea without it. Now I feel like, even though I don’t have an agent and I’m sending queries into the void, that this book–this new project–has a spark, and I’m blowing on that spark as hard as I can…and it feels good. Let’s keep this going!! **virtual high five**

    • **virtual high five** back at ya! I can’t wait to read it!! My book is in limbo – I want to rewrite the opening (like I said), but I’m on the fence. I’m really loving the serialized story idea and am really excited to post it on here and on wattpad.

      I’m glad to hear the dust is settling! I’ll be emailing you in a few days with specifics. You’ve been warned. πŸ˜‰

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