Happy 2016!!

By god, it’s a new year. If I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t really do “New Years Resolutions.” I’m just not that kind of girl. Recently I heard that only 8% of all resolutions are ever completed. That number almost makes me want to play the lottery, because I think the odds may be better. (Not really)

All those life changing ideas that pop into my head do so at birthday time, and I’m never quick to share them with the world. Why? Simple. I don’t see how you knowing my plans will help me reach my goals.

Yes. I did start writing on here about my new yoga regiment, but as you can see–I stopped. A little realization that the only person I should be working to impress is myself. That thought is liberating.

In 2016 I have lots of plans, most of them have been in the works since early last year–and nearly all of them have to do with books. Writing. Reading. Editing. Helping others with their work.

Some of those things I’m willing to share. Like books I’m reading. So, to start off 2016, I shall recommend, “The Girl with all the Gifts.”


I’ve spent the last month reading books to use as comps for the book that I’m currently editing. I read all the time, but when it comes time to play the comparison game I tend to lock up. Who wants to compare or be compared? Maybe you do–but it’s a hard thing for me. The good part is that along this journey I’ve managed to read a lot of new books I haven’t before.

Like this one.

Maybe it was on the Publisher’s Weekly site, or another list I found in my hours of scouring the internet for science fiction titles–but ‘The Girls with all the Gifts’ appeared AND it was available to download from the library. (I’m on a lot of waiting lists…)

It’s an unsuspecting title and original at that. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Suddenly I’m reading a zombie book, but not the same story that I’ve read a million times before. So to start of 2016, I recommend ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’ (if you like zombie lit.) It’s not your typical zombie story, which you’ll recognize straight away. Read it and let me know what you think!

Does this help me in my quest to find a comp for my book? No, but hey! You only live once and it may as well be filled with good stories.

Cheers to a happy 2016 and time to get back to it!

Happy writing/editing!!





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