Twitter writing contest–#pg70pit

Hello All!

Happy end of June to you. I’ve spent the last few weeks combing over what is coming my way in the world of writing contests, and I thought I’d share.

Last week we had SFFpit. Next up would be #pg70pit. I wanted to share a link to spread the joy, because if there is one thing I’ve learned about the lonely road of writing is–if you surround yourself with good people (including other writers) it’s a much better ride.

If you are unfamiliar with #pg70pit, simply follow the link above to get all the details. BE SURE to read over the ‘How To Submit‘ section, because different groups are represented on different days (meaning if you have an Adult title, you shouldn’t submit on July 1st, because that is the day for Middle Grade, etc.)

If you’re on the West Coast, like me, the contest is 12 hours long–so don’t set your alarm for 4am. You can sleep and still enter. (Which I’m beyond grateful for. I don’t function well at 4am.)

Happy Writing! Good luck with your queries and submission! And remember–while rejection letters suck, it’s better to get one of them than it would ever be to quit writing.



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