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Once a year I like to take a refresher course on writing. I think pausing to reflect is always a good thing, and a great way to check in with yourself. Plus, hey! You may learn something new as well, and when is that a bad thing? When I can’t afford to take a refresher course, I go to the old library and take out writing books–like, The War of Art by Steve Pressfield or On Writing, by Stephen King) but recently I discovered a site called “FutureLearn.com” that boasts a large collection of free courses. (You can purchase a certificate at the end of the course if you so choose, I choose not to do this.)

Philippa Rice drawing writing craft cute

I’m half way through their Fiction Writing course (which is just okay) but now I’m surfing the upcoming (and current) catalog can’t decide what to take next? Should I take the Intro to Forensics? Should I take the World War I in 100 stories course? Then there’s the anthropology of social media, and on about the revolution in Ireland at the beginning of the last century?

CAN I HAVE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY TO TAKE ALL THE COURSES (yet still  have time to finish my current WIP, continue querying my last MS, and still function in every day life?)

Life is unfair… but no one ever said that it was, so I guess I’ll put on my big girl pants and enroll in the forensics course. Why? Because it could come in handy in my current WIP or course!

Do you take any courses to help improve your writing?

Happy writing! xxoo-Aryn


2 thoughts on “Writing Class

    • I love it. The classes give me something outside of my everyday life to look forward too, and I really enjoy learning new bits of information. I totally recommend it. Thanks for reading!

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