I would be lying if I said that last year wasn’t difficult when it came to dealing with rejection with my writing world. After years of being “gung-ho” where I chant things like, “I’m learning!” and “This will make me a stronger writer!” the last string of rejections knocked the wind out of me.

I watched my writing partner flourish and grow.

I watched other writing friends move forward.

All while I sat around, silently pining. There is no worse critic than yourself, and I embraced this idea with both hands, my legs wrapped around its core, as I pressed my cheek into its damaging side.

But I also kept working, even at a snails pace. A short story here. A reworked idea there. Then… I found the #5amWritersClub.

Writing a novel is a thing of solitude. There is a reason Walden had a lake. There are many reasons artists of all walks–vanish. But it’s also good to find a place to be around people as well. I mean, how else will you have content? New characters to develop?

Even thought I don’t know these people personally (outside of my critique partner), one little ‘like’ propels me forward. One shiny red heart makes me try harder. It makes the solitude in writing a first draft so much easier.

This post is dedicated to them. Every single #5amWritersClub writer, I thank you. It is also dedicated to every single person who had a long string of rejections. Before you give up, ask yourself this: Do I really want to quit? Do I?

If you’re answer is no, then keep going.



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