January 6, 2021

Today is a sad day. Today we watched a group of homegrown terrorists converge on the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in an attempted coup demanding Donald Trump be rewarded a second term as President–even after he lost by both popular and electoral vote.

Today is a sad day for our history and our democracy. The day a small faction of extremists decide what they wanted is now, as it has always been, more important than the country as a whole.

The people spoke in November of 2020. They also spoke in Georgia yesterday, January 5th. In a collective voice, they shouted–we are done with this. We are sick of a government more interested in raising their personal bottom line than doing their jobs and helping the people. They said we no longer want to be part of a government that thinks $2000 is a socialist extravagance–when in reality–it barely covers rent in someplace.
The citizens of the United States loudly said, “We want change!” And we got it.

Then, today–January 6th, 2021–those who called us “snowflakes” and “losers” took up arms to what? Kill someone I guess… They showed up chanting and complaining: the type of behavior associated with children who have never been told no.

Since November, when it was made clear Joseph Biden would be our next President of the United States–those in Congress now complaining and contesting the election results could have done many things to get the people on their side. They could have help sped up the creation and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. They could have helped rally to get much needed financial aid to their constituents. They did none of this. They left us for dead, and now their lack of character has led to what we witnessed today.

As of this moment, thirteen people have been arrested and five weapons have been recovered from the mass of humans staging the coup–but we all know more arrests need to take place–even though they won’t–and more weapons will be found if these insurgences were charged with the full weight of the law.

In the end, it will always remain, today is a bitter sweet day in American History. Georgia changed history and the illness of hate that plagues this country lashed out against.

Today, is a sad, sad day, because democracy was ignored for personal gain and America wasn’t America any more. In closing, to quote President-Elect Joseph Biden, “At their best, the words of a President can inspire. At their worst, they can incite.” I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for inspiration.


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