No more excuses

Ah! My first post of the New Year. Took me long enough…

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So, 2016 didn’t much live up to the expectations of the gen pop–but you already knew this. You’ve watched the news, seen the memes, followed the feeds, read the blogs–you, my friend, are in the ‘know!’

And I respect that about you.

2016 has become the punchline–no, the *excuse* of a decade. It is the reason we are sad. It is used as the basis for what is lacking in your life, or this world. 2016 is the quote, it is the comparison, it is rational for every last thing we’ve lost control of or never had control of in the first place.

Well, it’s no longer 2016. Thus, it no longer applies.

Now, I could go into a rant (one that is political in nature) and confabulate with you on what is waiting over the next ridge–but I will not. I could grab a sandwich board and slap some paint on that baby, before draping it over my bony shoulders with a message painted in my scratch writing–but I won’t.

All of this nonsense are distractions. What is the point of this lollygagging when there is so much to do?

I shouldn’t have waited so long to come here and post, but the holidays are a big deal in my life–so I’m here now. I’m here to say, no excuses in 2017. It may not be the best year. It may be worse than the *dreaded* 2016. But it may also be the best year you’ve ever known. This is how I’m looking at it: I know what I want, I’ve known since I was seven–and I’ll keep working to make it happen.

the karate kid
Time to be Daniel and Crane Kick 2017 in the face.

The only wise words I have for those reading this is, “there is no such thing as an over night success.” Remember that when you’re a slave to your craft–to your words. Hard word and dedication are the key to success. The only true failure in life is quitting (unless you’re a smoker, than it’s the opposite.)

Happy New Year, friends! And happy writing–xxoo-A



Moon Wishes

I think that life will find you how it wants to, and while you may have these grand plans, sometimes they fall apart and lead you to something even more beautiful. My grand plans have always included science fiction and/or fantasy novels – and it still does – but at some point my writing world peek it’s little head down a branch covered path, and I was lead to poetry.

Poetry has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I have memories of writing (terrible) poems as I sat on the top bunk, in the room I shared with my sister. I’m happy to know those poems have long been disposed of (terrible and not very nice, some of them), but I am happy they happened. Looking back at them, I know they helped me move towards this new path in my writing life, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

One day, all those other plans will make their way out there. Its just one of those things I can feel, and I know – in my heart – if I don’t give up, it will be.

If you’re interested in reading any of my poems, I’ve had two published in  the Free Venice Beachhead. Once in December and the other in January. And I hope I’ll have more links to post on here soon.

Happy writing, living, love, and everything!