Wednesday Words–coming of age

Welcome the future! We didn’t implode. No, instead we have become the great explorers we’ve always wanted to be.

The world you live in is filled with interplanetary travel.


You’re traveling to all eight of Neptune’s moons, but you don’t want to go. Your mother insists–you have no choice. In between sulking and the all you can eat buffet–you meet ‘the one.’

S/he is everything you’ve ever wanted in a companion. What happens next?

[I’m assuming the love interest is a stow-away! Can their love last?]


Writing {Prompt} ~mission to mars~

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gents!!

Here’s a little bit about me. If you don’t know me, I have a child. Said child is currently 8 years old and his subject of choice is science. ANYTHING science. So, this weeks prompt comes from me reading (watching) and experiencing science. So the ‘prompt’ is a video (just over 6 minutes) about a 15 year old girl who wants to go to Mars.

What would it be like to spend your childhood preparing to leave Earth knowing if you go, you may never return?

Wednesday Words–Writing prompt: A Coin



For this weeks prompt, I choose an image. This image. An American nickle, dated 2067. First, I’m glad to see the mint in Philadelphia, Penn is still around in 45 years. Second–TIME TRAVEL!!

Stephen Hawking’s said in, A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, “If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”

Evidently leaving their coins strewn on the streets of American, haplessly waiting for someone to pick them up and marvelĀ over why it’sĀ here in the first place.

Does it exist? What would you say if you found this coin mixed into your change?

Happy Writing! xxoo-A