Hello friends!

This past week I made a decision, one I would like to share with you – because putting it out there in black and white makes it even more real. First, you should probably know that this past Wednesday was my birthday – a minor life even that has helped me come to this decision, but alas – it was actually something I decided over a month ago now.

What is it, you ask? I’ve decided to say “YES”. (see gif above)

I’ve never been big on for new year resolutions, but to be frank – this is more my new year than new years ever has been. It’s the beginning of the next year of my life – the next chapter, if you will. For once I’m putting my foot down and I’m making a change, I will no longer be a “No Girl.”


Q -“Meet me for a drink?” or “Write for [insert blog]” or “Go on said adventure?”

A -“No, I’m too tired.” or  “No, I have to work in the morning.” or “No, I have my son to look after.”

This applies to many things, not just my social life (small as it is). But now I’m yelling it to the universe, “Bring it!” I say, because I’m tired of turning stuff down, I’m tired of making excuses for myself and ending up tired in the process. Basically, I’m really tired of saying, “No.”

So, for this next year – I will be saying yes.

Yes, I will. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Time for change.








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