The trials of writing a short story… who knew?! (That’s right, everyone did.)



Look up! It’s a giant rock headed right toward us!!

…or is it?…

That’s how all of this feels – and I mean “life” by “this.” Life feels like a giant rock falling out of the sky aimed directly for my forehead.

Things take longer than planned, even with all the organization I try to put in place and the schedules I create for my writing – life comes in and…


So there is a delay, but the story will happen. I WILL have a short story to post on this site, for you to read – if you like (which I hope you will because I’d love that. No pressure… seriously. Thank you either way…)

I have no date – but the plan is before the end of the year. Secretly (not really a secret if I post it online…) I hope it will be ready for everyone to read on Holiday break! It’s the least I can do for lovelies like yourself.

UNTIL THEN! Promise to stay positive and write more posts to keep you writing!!





2 thoughts on “The trials of writing a short story… who knew?! (That’s right, everyone did.)

  1. Things take sooooooo much longer than planned! I’ve learned to block out two years now from a book’s conception until its true completion–revisions and edits included. Good thing I really love my characters. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your short story posted!

    • I really does take a lot of time. I’ve know people who can write two and three books a year, and never have figured out how. Between the creative process and life getting in the way – I never have enough time. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not – I like my life just fine. (for the most part)

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