Wednesday Words–What comes next?


I wanted to think outside the box today, to present a prompt in a different way. Back when I worked in an office I was bored a lot of the time. Not that job was boring, but I did have down time. When that happened I would email my friends. A couple of them and I would create fantastic stories that were much more amusing than we felt reality ever could be.

My favorite ‘made up lives’ still comes up to this day–well over a decade after it was created. We are cowboys. I am Whiskey–because I’m a feller who likes his drink, and my girl friend was Bone–because she had buried her far share. Including the beloved Carl who was accidentally shot one night, because Bones had a penchant for shooting first and asking questions later.

Each time we created a story it always started the same. One of us would write a sentence and it was up to the other person to say what came next.

For this Wednesday’s Words, I give you this sentence. Tell me, what comes next:

She stood out from the crowd, because…

This is what I think should happen:

She stood out from the crowd, because she was the only person who didn’t have identical coats, and hair, and shoes, and leggings. She stood out because she didn’t belong. I knew she must belong somewhere–we all belong somewhere–but it wasn’t here, not with this group of homogenized conformist.

I glanced around to see who else noticed her sleek black hair, oval face, and nearly extra foot in height–but when I looked back, she was gone.” –A

But what do you think happens next? Share with me in the comments or blog about it and tag me!


happy writing!! xxoo-A


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