Once, many centuries ago, there were no crows. The world was void of the oil soaked feather birds–nothing but doves and canaries to stare at.

The branches of the golden curls willow swayed in a breeze scented by jasmine and honeysuckle–empty as a baby-less pram. No caws. No taunts. Nothing but coo’s and tweets.

What an empty world it must have been without their wit and charm. I am happy I will never know that world. For the crow–and all it’s murderous charm, is the hope I need.

A scavenger.

A humorist.

A hero.




Wednesday Words–What comes next?


I wanted to think outside the box today, to present a prompt in a different way. Back when I worked in an office I was bored a lot of the time. Not that job was boring, but I did have down time. When that happened I would email my friends. A couple of them and I would create fantastic stories that were much more amusing than we felt reality ever could be.

My favorite ‘made up lives’ still comes up to this day–well over a decade after it was created. We are cowboys. I am Whiskey–because I’m a feller who likes his drink, and my girl friend was Bone–because she had buried her far share. Including the beloved Carl who was accidentally shot one night, because Bones had a penchant for shooting first and asking questions later.

Each time we created a story it always started the same. One of us would write a sentence and it was up to the other person to say what came next.

For this Wednesday’s Words, I give you this sentence. Tell me, what comes next:

She stood out from the crowd, because…

This is what I think should happen:

She stood out from the crowd, because she was the only person who didn’t have identical coats, and hair, and shoes, and leggings. She stood out because she didn’t belong. I knew she must belong somewhere–we all belong somewhere–but it wasn’t here, not with this group of homogenized conformist.

I glanced around to see who else noticed her sleek black hair, oval face, and nearly extra foot in height–but when I looked back, she was gone.” –A

But what do you think happens next? Share with me in the comments or blog about it and tag me!


happy writing!! xxoo-A