About me! #PimpMyBio

Hi! My name is Aryn. I’m a Libra. I like ponies and have said it so often my son bought me a stuffed pony for my last birthday. It now lives in his bedroom. I love batman–but still no one has brought him to me and/or put him in my bedroom…

Rafahu batman art disco

I’ve written up this post because I’m participating in #PitchWar, and wanted to take a stab at the #PimpMyBio contest being hosted by Lana Pattinson!

Now, here is a little more: I love the beach and living in Los Angles with husband and the son I previous mentioned. I also like pina colada and getting caught in the rain–but it never rains here.

And here is even more things about me!

  • I submitted a Adult Speculative Science Fiction novel into PitchWars!
  • I am a big fangirl and have been so long I tend to only associate comic books with the term.
  • I read a lot.
  • I read anything. [Adult. Middle grade. YA. Comic Books. Graphic Novels. The back of shampoo bottles, etc…]
  • If books where high in calories I’d be in trouble.
  • I’ve been writing since I was 7.
  • Unlike when I was 7, I LOVE critiques and sometimes beg for people to point out my mistakes so I can improve my writing.
  • I’m a firm believer in the “Read! Read! Read! Write! Write! Write!” mantra passed on by many writers.
  • I’m a fan of food.
  • I love television–some favs are Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica(reboot), Doctor Who (all of it), Stranger Things, and Saved by the Bell
  • I love movies–Dope, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, Die Hard, and Strictly Ballroom.
  • And I deathly afraid of heights.

That’s a short version of me! I also answer questions–so if you have any, ask away!





Are you there, God? Oh, wait…

…I forgot. I haven’t done the whole ‘god’ thing in circa twenty years. So maybe I should say ‘universe’ or something less religion specific.

I sit here, as my dinner slowly burns on the range, with my fingers hovering over this neon blue keyboard attempting to articulate the myriad of thoughts devouring my brain. I am consumed with to many it’s become hard to sift through them all–searching for the right train of thought.

Frustrating building, I’m now calling to the heavens for guidance.

My writing inspiration seems to be an situation of ‘all or nothing.’ Either I have so many ideas I’m lost (like right now,) or it’s a blank desert–endless miles of dust mote dunes suffocating my brain. If only I could find a trigger… Oh, wait!! (again!) I entered a contest. I did! I entered #PitchWars, and now I have a list longer than the Mississippi to choose from.

Here is my question for you, my lovely readers. How do you choose your projects? What is your process? Normally, mine is I wait until an idea keeps me up at night–but I have a bit quandary, for I have a WIP that needs tending, another MS plotting on a promise–and then there’s the one that’s keeping me up.

Do you see what the problem is? What should I do?!

So, now you are god (this could go poorly quickly, but lets do it any way.) All of the help you provide (aka–advice) is greatly appreciated!

Now–if you’re also entered Pitch Wars, I wish you luck! And to everyone else. Happy Writing!!